Marcel Breuer was at the height of his career when he designed the Whitney Museum in 1966. While modest in size, the building is bold, with an integrity of design and execution that places it among the top mid-century modern buildings in New York City. Following the Whitney’s relocation in 2014, the building has been repaired and adapted to house the Metropolitan Museum’s contemporary art collection. The project restored the signature spaces, materials and overall character of the building, while clarifying visitor flow, upgrading building systems and creating a new presence for the Met. The project restores the integrity of Breuer’s “close to Earth materials”, particularly concrete, stone and bronze, which Breuer believed become more dignified over time through weathering and use. Leading the restoration work, Miriam developed a meticulous cleaning and repair program executed with a light touch, carefully distinguishing patina from damage and introducing a distinct new layer that complements Breuer’s rigour and craftsmanship. (Photographs by Connie Zhou for Bloomberg)


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