The 4,000 field barns in the Yorkshire Dales National Park are an important feature of the landscape. Due to changes in agricultural practice, most are redundant and field barns are at risk of widespread loss. Miriam was part of a small team to develop a concept to conserve field barns and create sustainable new uses. Field barns were repaired, and lightweight timber ‘pods’ constructed inside to provide holiday or work accommodation. Water and power supplies were mounted on an agricultural trailer and ‘plugged in’ to the barn. Interventions are entirely reversible and designed to minimise impact on both barns and the landscape. The initiative was supported by English Heritage, the Prince’s Regeneration Trust and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.



2008 02 13  Swaledale  Reeth  field barns BROWNI_9001_N177 BROWNBarn BROWNDuo Barn BROWN