Following Function: Putting the Industrial Buildings that Inspired the Modernist Movement Back to Work

1:15 Denkmal mit Perspektive: Von der Motor City zur Stadt der Zukunft

TICCIH (The International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage)
Bulletin No. 68  The Domino Effect
Bulletin No. 66  Notes from Detroit: Can the Packard Plant Rise Again?
Bulletin No. 64  Silo City, Buffalo
Bulletin No. 63  Rebirth of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, New York

SPAB (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings)
Cornerstone Magazine (Spring 2014) Urban Renewal, US Industrial Heritage

306090 Architectural Journal
Volume 15: (Non-)Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture Contextual Transformations – The Landscape Archived, The Archive Landscaped

HFBG (Historic Farm Buildings Group)
Review No. 10  The Fieldbarn Project, Yorkshire Dales National Park

AHSS (Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland)
Magazine No. 13  Arrested Development? Urban Conservation in the Third World

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Following Function: Creative Reuse of Industrial Sites

The Prince’s Regeneration Trust
The Green Guide for Historic Buildings

Serial Books Architecture and Urbanism, 5 (Book 2)
Armed Surfaces (Book Editor) Authors: Dagmar Richter & Andrew Benjamin
Black Dog Publishing, London